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Teven to Pimlico

Pacific Highway Upgrade – Teven to Pimlico Update

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading the Pacific Highway between Pimlico Road and Teven Road, about 2.3km in length. This work will facilitate the next phase of the highway upgrade, which is part of the overall Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway Upgrade Project

Tenders were submitted for the work in the first half of 2013, with the contract being awarded to Leighton Contractors in September 2013. The contract is a construct only with a total value of $92 million. The following map shows the extent of the works to be undertaken. Click here for full size image.

teven to pimlico civil consult

Leighton were in a very good position to provide the best price for this section of the upgrade, as they completed the much larger and complicated Ballina Bypass successfully in April of 2013. As with the Ballina Bypass, Teven to Pimlico is a soft soils project, with the majority f the earthworks being constructed on soft alluvial deposits of the Richmond River. The Ballina region is characterised by complex geotechnical conditions and the project is built over some of the softest and deepest soils in Australia, including soils up to 40m deep in the flood plain areas.

This project will include new bridges over Duck and Emigrant Creek, with preloading already underway on the alluvial soils in the foundation. The piling operations for these two bridge location will include 2m diameter cast insitu concrete piles up to 40m deep. These are significant piles!

Check back into Recent News for more information as this project gets underway.

Lighthouse Beach SLSC

With summer here there have been many days spent on the beach in front of the new Surf Lifesaving Club at Lighthouse beach.  It is truly a great development and a real win for the community of Ballina.

The development was built by Bennett, and officially opened in July year. It will  have a licensed cafe/restaurant, a meeting / function room and training rooms. What a great place for a wedding reception!

lighthouse beach civil consult

The building sits on the edge of the residual soil profile adjacent to the existing road with the coastal sand deposits bordering the foundations. Piled footings were used for the foundation design, with cast insitu concrete structures forming the bulk of the structural components of the building.

Lighthouse Beach has arguably the best views in the Ballina Shire, the cafe will be on the first floor, and it is believed that the lease has been acquired by the same company that runs the Pass Café in Byron.

The kiosk makes a great coffee so grab one and stake your claim on the sand this summer!


Pacific Pines Lennox Head

The Pacific Pines Lennox Head development is progressing through 2014, with a team from Lend Lease and the Royal Bank of Scotland addressing the Ballina Shire Council meeting held on the 18/11/2013.

From the Councils meeting minutes the following information was present by the developer;

“It is proposed that civil works associated with Stage 1A of the current approval will
commence early in 2014, bringing additional residential allotments to the market.
Also during 2014, road works involving an extension of Hutley Drive will commence
to provide access to the approved playing fields. It is estimated that the playing
fields, with relevant improvements, will become available for use during 2015.”

civil consult pacific pines estate

The $60 million residential and commercial development is proposed to house more than 1700 people, and provide 481 homes, 481 homes, 312 retirement units and medium-density housing. Also included in the plan is a shopping centre with up to 3000sqm of retail shops and 800sqm of commercial space, a tavern, community centre & sporting fields.

civil consult Pacific Pines Lennox

Pacific Pines Development Plan

Geotechnically speaking the provides a number of challenges including a low risk of potentially acid sulphate soils between 0.75 m and 3.0 m below natural surface levels in the location of the water control ponds. A separate report by Gilbert and Sutherland identifies three soil types found at the site that exhibited PASS characteristics. These include coarse sands, silty sands and silty clays in an increasing severity of PASS.

Hopefully further information will be made public by the Developer and the Council as the year progresses!