Geotechnical Engineering

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Civil Consult provide a range of geotechnical
engineering services which are undertaken and supervised by our qualified geotechnical team with extensive knowledge in field investigations, on-site testing, laboratory testing of soil materials, and other exploratory works.

Civil Consult have a wealth of experience working in a range of sectors and our clients include large and small scale developers, project managers, private investors, home owners, manufacturing and industrial corporations, educational institutions, architects, consulting engineers, builders, contractors and State and Federal Government agencies.

Based in the Northern Rivers, Civil Consult provide cost effective, efficient and practical geotechnical engineering solutions to both public and private sector clients in Lismore, Ballina, Byron, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and South East Queensland areas.

Residential Site Classification

Civil Consult can provide clients within the residential sector a complete geotechnical package which includes the initial site investigation and site classification in accordance with AS 2870. Following the site classification our experience geotechnical engineers can provide efficient and cost effective residential footing and slab designs for new dwellings, renovations, alterations and additions.

Geotechnical Engineering Design Services

Providing solutions to our clients ground engineering challenges for over a decade, our team brings a wealth of experience to geotechnical engineering services to your project, including:

  • Site investigation and site classification: Site investigation are carried out in by geotechnical engineers in accordance with AS 1726, for geotechnical site investigation, as a component in the engineering design, construction, commissioning and operation of civil engineering and building works.
  • Foundation design for residential, commercial and public sector structures: A geotechnical report will recommend appropriate footing types for a given project, considering the type of development and subsurface conditions encountered. Footing systems could comprise high level footings (including raft slabs, pad footings and strip footings), deep footings (piles) and hybrid systems (piled raft footings).
  • Pile foundation design: Bored and excavated piers may be utilised in piled footing systems to support types of residential and commercial construction. Our geotechnical team can provide an engineering solution to suit your requirements.
  • Retaining wall design, and structural systems: Civil Consult offer a flexible approach to designing retaining walls; ranging from small garden walls to large lateral retaining structures, we can deliver retaining wall certification, standard details for a simple project or design solution for complex structures and more. We also have experience in lateral restraining systems such as; secant pile; soldier pile; and soil nail walls.
  • Swimming Pools: From initial investigation through to structural design of the pool lining and surrounding structures, Civil Consult can provide design, documentation and drawing to go with you pool concept.
  • Landslide and slope stability studies: Civil Consult provides comprehensive slope risk assessment services involving identification of slope hazards (eg, rockfall or mud slide), assessed risk to development  and recommendations for control and maintenance measures to reduce slope risk.
      • Excavation shoring temporary works and other systems: appropriate forms of temporary and permanent shoring and retention systems, design parameters, design of ground anchors, rock bolts and soil nails.