Lismore City Council Disaster Relief Program

Cost-effective civil engineering solutions & a seamless project delivery service were at the top of the list of requirements for this construction project.

Project background

The impact of Cyclone Debbie devastated the Lismore region back in April of 2017. Lismore City Council got in touch because they needed contractors fast.

After discussions with Council, we placed two project engineers in their construction team. Their role was to manage the delivery of seven civil engineering construction projects funded under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

Our brief

The role of our project engineers was to implement the designated design solutions for each of the remediation sites.

They were asked to manage the tender process, select appropriate contractors to carry out the remediation projects, and deliver each project in a high-quality, and safe environment.

Because each project was federally funded, our project engineers needed to cost track each project carefully. They were briefed to keep a close eye on the figures and create a rigorous system that ensured all remedial works were built to the correct standards.


The Challenges

Each site required engineering solutions that addressed specific challenges:

The size of the landslip at Oakey Creek Road meant this project had the potential to become a costly undertaking. We also needed long stretches of dry weather to complete certain aspects of the works. The engineering method we employed was to install a soldier pile system, which was a fast, robust and cost-effective solution.
This site was a steep landslip that had destabilised the road and destroyed the pavement. The position of the shoulder and embankment meant that reconstruction was going to be a complicated process. Our solution was to repair the damage using rock fill, which proved a success.

Similar to the damage that took place on Terania Creek Road, the landslide at Tuntable Creek Road de-stabilised the pavement and shoulders along the embankment. Our reconstruction work involved creating a rock socket in the bedrock, pile driving “H steel” posts into concrete footings and successfully installing sheet piles and backfilling to increase stability.

Cyclone Debbie washed out the culvert on Mountain Top Road. A new bridge was needed, but before work could start, we had to design a side-track to ensure that traffic could still get through while the work was carried out.

The impact of Cyclone Debbie caused such a high degree of damage to Stoney Chute Bridge that Lismore Council needed a replacement that would provide increased stability during future extreme weather events. Our solution was a replacement superstructure made up of prestressed concrete girders in a “spaced plank” configuration with a cast reinforced concrete deck and gabion basket wing walls.

We developed an engineering design solution for the landslip site on Beardow Street. However, during the works, we discovered the land contained contaminated soil. This meant we had to formulate a new plan straight away – so we could safely remove the contaminated soil and replace it with clean fill. We went on to successfully manage the rebuild of the embankment using rock and engineered fill.

During the April 2017 event, there was a substantial landslide 2km from Nimbin Road. Our engineering solution for this site included getting permission from the NSW government to provide one-lane access on Koonorigan Road before work commenced. We could then safely stabilise the embankment using soil nailing, Tecmat and Tecco Mesh. Finally, we reconstructed the road pavement using concrete and asphalt bunds to direct water flow, reducing the impact of flooding in the future.

The Outcome

Each of these remediation projects allowed us to showcase our engineering design solutions and project management skills. We were able to provide fast, cost-effective, and innovative solutions for Lismore City Council at each of the damaged sites.

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