The importance of geotechnical engineering site investigation

The first step in any development is for a geotechnical engineering consultant to fully understand the composition of the ground you’re going to build on.

geotechnical design of pile solutions for civil contractors including working platform design and certification

That’s why you need a specialist geotechnical engineering team on board to report any issues at the very start of your project. We can then build solutions into your plans, saving you time and money in the long run.

Civil Consult is the only geotechnical engineering consultancy company you’ll find between Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast. So, if you’re an owner/builder, property developer, architect, builder or in local government, we offer a full service to meet your needs.

Expert geotechnical engineering consultants

When it comes to geotechnics, our consultants are highly experienced. We’re confident that our solutions will always be cost-effective, robust and safe. In short, our goal is always a confident build with zero issues.

Our geotechnical engineering services include:

  • Geotechnical reports
  • Onsite testing
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Laboratory testing of soil materials
  • Other exploratory works

Residential site package

If you’re an owner/builder, you’ll need a site investigation and classification before you can get started.

We offer a complete geotechnical report package. This package includes everything you need to get on with your build, including efficient and cost-effective residential footing and slab designs for new dwellings, renovations, alterations and additions.

Geotechnical engineering design services

We’ve been providing solutions to our clients’ engineering challenges for more than a decade. So, we’re confident we can help you too. Whatever the size of your project, we’ll provide innovative design solutions that your average engineer wouldn’t think of.

Geotechnical site investigation and site classification

A geotechnical investigation in accordance with AS 1726 is essential for us to understand the soil and rock composition at your site. This data is critical because it enables us to pinpoint any potential construction problems before developing foundation designs and other structural plans.

We’ll also perform a site classification so that we can select the correct footing and slab design.

geotechnical design of pile solutions for civil contractors including working platform design and certification
Foundation design for residential, commercial and public sector structures

Our geotechnical report will recommend the appropriate footing types for your project. Recommendations will always depend on the development type and subsurface conditions. Footing systems range from high-level footings, including raft slabs, pad footings, and strip footings to deep footings – or piles – and hybrid systems, such as piled raft footings.

We also provide working platform (crane and piling) design and certification, together with piling supervision. When it comes to piling supervision, our geotechnical engineers have years of project experience certifying bored cast in situ piles and driven piles.

Working platform certification can be tailor-made to your requirements, for whatever plant or crane you need to use on your construction project.


Pile foundation design

Pile foundations are essential when it comes to carrying and transferring the load of a structure.  We use bored and excavated piers in piled footing systems to support all types of residential and commercial constructions. 

Retaining wall design and structural systems

Whether you need a design for a small garden retaining wall or a large, lateral retaining structure, we can help. We’ll deliver standard details for a straightforward project or a design solution for a complex structure.

On top of that, we can provide retaining wall certification. We also offer lateral restraining systems such as secant pile, soldier pile, and soil nail walls. And we can provide a pavement design service if you need it.

Swimming pools

First, we’ll carry out the initial investigation. Then we’ll move on to design the pool lining and surrounding structures. We’ll provide the design, documentation and all the drawings you’ll need to detail the geotechnical requirements of your pool concept.

Landslide and slope stability studies

We’re experts in providing comprehensive landslide risk and slope stability assessment services. This service includes the identification of slope risk hazards such as rockfall or mudslide. We also make recommendations for the control and maintenance measures needed to reduce slope risk in the future.

Excavation shoring temporary works and other systems

When removing soil or rock from a site, shoring the sides of the excavation is essential to avoid ground collapse. We design temporary and permanent shoring and retention systems. These systems include design parameters, ground anchor design, rock bolts and soil nails.


Geotechnical Project

The Oakey Creek Remediation

Lismore Council asked us to perform a geotechnical investigation at Oakey Creek & recommend a cost-effective course of action. Our solution?

  • Structural

  • Construction

  • Project

For fast, cost-effective engineering solutions, please get in touch.