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Civil engineering project delivery

Civil Consult delivers end-to-end project management services for local government agencies.

bridge construction services and geotechnical design and pile logging

Our civil engineering contractors have delivered construction projects for consulting engineers and Tier 1 contractors. Having worked on both sides of the industry, they excel when it comes to the delivery of every aspect of a construction project.

If you’d like to engage a project engineer, you can be sure our consultants have the knowledge and the experience to deliver your project successfully.

Your temporary project delivery team

We understand that there are times when you need extra hands to ensure your project runs smoothly. So, it makes sense to get a project engineer on board.

We can deliver particular aspects of your project, or we can embed project management consultants into your team. Our engineers have the expertise to manage your building contractors and to build and apply designs on site.

Every one of our engineers has a pragmatic and efficient approach to building. They are great communicators who love to collaborate. You can rely on them to develop efficient and timely solutions for all your building projects.

Our project delivery services include:

Project preparation
  • Development of a work package
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Procurement and management of materials and sub-contractors
  • Formulation of works
Managing the project
  • Project program planning and reporting
  • GC21 contract administration
  • Development of project delivery strategies and risk management
  • Permanent design management
  • Budgeting, forecasting and cost-tracking of all work
Managing Staff
  • Managing subcontractors and government personnel
  • Managing Workplace Health & Safety and
  • Environmental requirements for all sub-contractors
Reporting, certifications and sing-offs
  • Preparation and submission of Quality Assurance documentation
  • Quality control and site inspection of completed works
  • Reporting to all levels of Council

Our Process

If you’d like Civil Consult to assist with your project, we’d be happy to help.

The process is straightforward. We provide expert engineers who can work inhouse. They can invite the tender, select the successful contractor and cost track the deliverables.

At the end of the project, you can be sure you’ll always get what you’ve paid for. Plus, you’ll have avoided the impact of hiring and terminating staff during or at the end of your project.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient, top-quality engineering solutions on time and on budget. And we’d love to help you optimise the outcome of your future projects.

unibridge structural engineering and temporary works design including girder proping


Project Delivery

Lismore City Council Disaster Relief Program

Cost-effective civil engineering solutions & a seamless project delivery service were at the top of the list of requirements for this construction project.

  • Geotechnical

  • Structural

  • Construction

For fast, cost-effective engineering solutions, please get in touch.