Pacific Highway Upgrade – Teven to Pimlico Update

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading the Pacific Highway between Pimlico Road and Teven Road, about 2.3km in length. This work will facilitate the next phase of the highway upgrade, which is part of the overall Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway Upgrade Project

Tenders were submitted for the work in the first half of 2013, with the contract being awarded to Leighton Contractors in September 2013. The contract is a construct only with a total value of $92 million. The following map shows the extent of the works to be undertaken. Click here for full size image.

teven to pimlico civil consult

Leighton were in a very good position to provide the best price for this section of the upgrade, as they completed the much larger and complicated Ballina Bypass successfully in April of 2013. As with the Ballina Bypass, Teven to Pimlico is a soft soils project, with the majority f the earthworks being constructed on soft alluvial deposits of the Richmond River. The Ballina region is characterised by complex geotechnical conditions and the project is built over some of the softest and deepest soils in Australia, including soils up to 40m deep in the flood plain areas.

This project will include new bridges over Duck and Emigrant Creek, with preloading already underway on the alluvial soils in the foundation. The piling operations for these two bridge location will include 2m diameter cast insitu concrete piles up to 40m deep. These are significant piles!

Check back into Recent News for more information as this project gets underway.