Looking for a Sloping Block Assessment in Tweed Richmond Areas?

Having recently completed a sloping block assessments in and around the Ballina and Lismore areas, we have had a number of queries into the requirements for sloping blocks in Richmond and Tweed councils.

Sloping sites offer unique opportunities including great views, access  to cooling breezes and often result in more interesting building forms  where the design accommodates the slope. They do however require more design consideration than a flat block to balance house design,  excavation and potential amenity impacts on neighbouring properties.

Tweed Richmond Sloping Block: Civil Consult provide geotechnical engineering consulting services in the Tweed and Richmond areas, and can provide you with a range of advice on your particular design and site. We can arrange for a site inspection and geotechnical investigation, from which we can determine the exact footing requirements that would suit your build.

Tweed Council have provided the following guideline for building on sloping blocks which is a useful tool when preparing preliminary design concepts on sloping blocks. 

Civil Consult Tweed Richmond Sloping Block
Extract from: Tweed Council Sloping Block Fact Sheet

Generally the approach suggested by the “The Australian GeoGuides for Slope Management and Maintenance”, is the best method of assessment of slope “risk”. The general approach of the Australian Geomechanics Society publications is to define and assess “risk” as a function of the likelihood or probability of an event occurring (such as a landslide) and the potential consequences of such an event (eg. damage to property, loss of life). Landslide hazard zoning is a method of assessing the distribution of areas of different relative likelihood of landslide to incorporate management of the hazard and associated risk into local planning and development.

In simple form, the risk assessment process involves answering the following questions:

Avoid this and engage a geotechnical engineer…

Civil Consult Tweed Richmond Sloping Block

Here is an example of good hillside practice;

Civil Consult Tweed Richmond Sloping Block - Good Practice


This is what you are wanting to avoid….

Civil Consult Tweed Richmond Sloping Block - What not to do

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